Tradition and quality

Agricultural Service in Omemee.

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We have a flock of approximately 200 ewes to supply fresh, year round premium lean, grain-fed lamb to consumers. We have a returning customer base that appreciates the care and concern we take in creating the best tasting lamb possible without the use of hormones or antibiotics. We take pride in meeting our discerning customer demands and are always open to improvement suggestions. Due to customer demand for mild flavored meat and to ensure tenderness, we do not pasture our lambs. This way, they gain quickly on a grain diet, without the risk of parasites and predation and are young, therefore very tender.

Trustworthy brand

All lambs are grain finished—by balancing our feed rations accordingly and by feeding grains through the final stages of production we achieve the following:
  • Faster weight gain for earlier maturing lamb.
  • Proper finishing
  • Dietary Energy Level
  • Volatile Compounds